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Patrick Reinkemeyer

Patrick is the founder of SilverPepper, succinctly described as Hedge Funds For The Rest Of Us. He developed the idea of offering hedge fund experts at mutual fund prices, and spent two years bringing his vision to fruition.  As an asset-allocation professional, Patrick watched what happened to investors who relied solely on long-only stocks and bonds in 2008 and knew there was a better way.  He didn’t think the benefits of diversification and low correlation offered by hedged strategies should only be available to those with millions to invest.  He wanted the benefits of hedged strategies to be accessible For The Rest Of Us, and in the good governance and price structure of a mutual fund.  His background, experience and entrepreneurial spirit gave him the know-how to make it happen.  Prior to founding SilverPepper, Patrick started, built and led the institutional investment consulting, investment management, and retirement-advice businesses at Morningstar.  During his 15-year tenure at Morningstar, Patrick led a team of great people who turned the 1998 start-up operation into a leading provider of innovative, investor-friendly investment solutions, culminating in the responsibility for overseeing more than $100 billion of investors’ assets.  In addition to his operational role as President of Morningstar Associates, Patrick also served as the Head of the Global Investment Management Division, and as an Executive Officer at Morningstar, Inc., where he played a leadership role in setting and executing the firm’s global strategy for growth.

Patrick earned a BA from Middlebury College and a MBA from the University of Chicago Booth School of Business.  Patrick also holds the designation of Chartered Financial Analyst.