Section 05: A “Go-To” Destination for Hedge Fund Experts

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“Go-To” destination for portfolio builders.

Battle-tested hedge fund experts

Here’s what’s on the other side of the Wall.

SilverPepper aims to be the “Go-To” destination for portfolio builders in quest of high-quality, low correlation, hedged investment strategies.  That’s because all SilverPepper Funds offer:

  • Expert hedge-fund managers who are experienced and specialists in their investment disciplines.
  • Single-manager strategies, making it easier for portfolio builders to craft the “missing piece of their asset-allocation pie chart” precisely to their specific needs.
  • Fundamentally different strategies, like merger arbitrage and global macro, whose returns are not heavily dependent on the returns of the broad stock and bond markets.
  • Battle-tested track records of managing substantially-similar investment strategies through times of market stress, like 2008.  Click here to view that information in our Prospectus.
  • Low correlation investment strategies (they zig when others zag), which is critical for portfolio diversification.
  • Dynamic investment strategies that use both long and short positions as a way to increase the chance of success, regardless of the market’s direction.
  • Hedging, and other protective measures, designed to reduce–although they may not prevent–the risk of loss, as in “Hedge Your Bets.”

Hedge fund strategies are fundamentally different.  Use them.

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